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From: Jeff Sprueill

Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012
To: Fernando Moreira
Subject: Tactical tracking class
I just wanted to let you know how great your class was last week in Modesto.
The venues and scenarios were fantastic. This class was one of the best
I have taken in my 22+ years of law enforcement. Our team really benefited
from the training and the improvement in our tactics was obvious every day.
Thanks for bringing this training to the law enforcement community I look

forward the next opportunity to train with you…..

From: Mike Morris, La Plata County Sheriffs office, CO

To: Fernando Moreira
Subject: Mike Morris’ address and critique
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012
Mike Morris
Durango, CO
Thanks buddy, here’s my critique:
I was able to take Fernando’s tactical tracking class this last week,
4/16 through 4/20, in Modesto CA. I’ve been in law enforcement for
13 years and have had some tracking training in the past. Fernando’s
course gave me a much more thorough understanding of how to implement
tracking from start to finish and how to deploy a tracking team safely,
and effectively. Fernando is very skilled at his craft and is genuinely
interested in passing his knowledge on to others. I am very fortunate that
I was able to go to his class all the way from southern Colorado. I came
back home with many more tools for tracking that will benefit my department
and community. I’ll use the skills he taught me for the rest of my career.
Thank you Fernando and thanks also to the excellent Modesto tracking team.
Mike Morris
La Plata County Sheriffs office
Durango, Colorado



From: Florencio Costales

Sent: Sunday, April 22, 2012 6:39 PM
To: Fernando Moreira
Subject: Tracking Courses
I’ve been fortunate enough to attend your Basic Patrol Tracking Course and Tactical Tracking Course. Both were great learning environments. These skill sets are very valuable and crucial in patrol and tactical work. I’ve been impressed with the information and knowledge you have shared with the students. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to learn more from you in the future. Hope you like the ghillie boonie. Take care and be safe.
Flo Costales
Modesto SWAT
Scout Sniper Element

From: Richard Smith

Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 6:43 AM
To: Fernando Moreira
Subject: Tactical Class comments for your website
I recently attended Fernando’s Tactical tracking class in Northern California. This class was great, it covered everything from formations, tactics, booby traps and immediate action drills. I have also attended the patrol tracker class which was great too. The first day I didn’t see anything but by the end of the week he had trained us to see sign and find the tracks again. Every patrol officer should attend this class. Fernando did a great job with these classes and he was very responsive to the students needs. I would recommend Fernando’s classes to any officer interested in learning tracking.
Rich Smith

Email from Michael Wright of Delta Challenge Coins

From: Michael J. Wright

Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 10:23 AM
Subject: Tactical Man Tracking Class (WCSO K9)

Greetings Fernando,

Attached are a few pictures of your March 2012 class participants.

Once again, you did an outstanding job with the Tactical Man Tracking, however the “Marijuana Eradication Tactical Response” component was even better.

During the METR component, it was obvious how critical a proper response is, by using proper tactics, appropriate equipment and com, appropriate K9 personnel for (point / choke points / bounding overwatch / EOD / sentry work / tracking and apprehension) and other LE with a true METR background.

As you put it, the days of a bunch of dope cops running around with their hats on backwards, black tactical gear and cool camo shorts is very dangerous, outdated and gets people hurt.

Thank you and Stay safe!

Michael Wright
Delta Challenge Coins

Email from a Modesto PD police Officer

Fernando, after taking your Tracking class I,
as well as several other officers in my Department that took
the class, have used tracking as a valuable tool on numerous
occasions with great success. In the beginning most other officers
did not believe in what we were doing and thought that if visual
tracking had any place in Law Enforcement it would only be used
in a rural County environment and not inside the City where we work.

After numerous successful tracks we were able to change opinions and
we are now being requested to conduct tracks on a regular basis and
recently have been working alongside our k9 handlers as a team.

I personally have successfully used tracking in two homicide cases,
several burglaries, one felony assault, and numerous leg bails from stops.
These are just the cases I can think of off the top of my head.

Modesto CA Police Officer

Email from an ex special forces agent

I am an ex special forces and I took a tactical tracking
class in Malaysia in 1998 and I believe that the Malaysia
school was one of the best schools around the world until
I met Fernando. Fernando is very talented and very professional
and an expert in tracking. I do believe that Fernando expertize
and talent should be taught to all law enforcement officers
around the country.
J. P.
Vancouver P.D.

Email from Jeff Jones

I Have attended F.B.I, academy so I know the Quality a
training when I received it. Fernando’s tracking course
far exceeds expectations. I have attended another tracking
class and the professionalism of Fernando’s training is head
and shoulders above the competition. I would like to recommend
Fernando’s tracking course to all Law enforcement agencies.
Oklahoma City
Jeff Jones

Email from Vancouver WA Police Dept


I needed to let you know about a successful track
done by two of our officers. A burglary call was received
that involved a suspect who had entered the bedroom
of a young girl and had started to molest her. She screamed
and the suspect fled. When Patrol units arrived (including a
K-9 unit), containment was set and a search was conducted.
Unfortunately, the suspect was not found.

The next day, R.O. heard about the call at line-up and went
to the scene “just to take a look.” He thought he found sign
and called J.M. to see if he was right. J.M. showed-up, agreed
and together they tracked the suspect to a house. They
talked their way into the house, identified a suspect and
subsequent interviews revealed this guy to be a serial burglar
with sexual motivation.

Granted, these officers showed a lot of initiative, but without
the tracking skills they obtained in your classes this case
would have gone nowhere.

So, in addition to this case, we’ve now successfully tracked
other burglary suspects, robbery suspects and a number of
suspects who have fled from traffic stops.

I recommend your classes to all law
agencies across the US.

Thank you.

J. W.
Vancouver Police Dept., Vancouver, WA

Email from CA Dept of Justice

Fernando, how are you,

Last week we (MAVMIT) had information on a possible marijuana grow deep
up a canyon in Yolo county. We set off on patrol and approximately 1/2 mile
up began seeing footprints, broken branches and moss displaced from rocks
( everything you taught us).

We continued to track the prints for another very difficult (rugged) mile which
led us in to a large grow site. We assaulted the camp under surprise and arrested
two armed suspects and seized thousands of marijuana plants.

Your training really paid off on our first patrol.

I attached a team picture with the two suspects seated in front.

Thank you so much for everything and I recommend your training
to all law enforcement agencies take care and stay in touch.

R. G.

Law Enforcement Training in Iowa - July 2010



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