Dog Valley Camp

November 16th, 2011

Dog Valley is located in California, just 10 miles North-West of Reno, Nevada.

Dog Valley is easily accessed from the North side of Reno off Hwy 395 at the
Bordertown exit or on the South side off of Hwy 80 by taking the Verdi exit.

To access at Bordertown:

  1. From 395 take Exit 83.
  2. Turn south off of Exit 83 and proceed to the stop sign.
  3. Turn right (nw)
    at the stop sign and proceed down the paved street, north of the Bordertown
    parking lot, to the stop sign.
  4. After stopping, follow the paved road. The road makes a sharp left turn
    to the south-east as you cross over the railroad tracks at approximately
    .2 of a mile.
  5. Continue following the paved road south; at approximately .4 of a mile
    it turns to gravel then starts to curve to the south again paralleling
    the railroad tracks.
  6. As you come around the curve you should a Forest sign where the road forks.
    Stay to the right and follow the road to the Forest boundary, approximately
    two miles (N39°37’27” W120°00’37”).

To access at Verdi:

  1. Exit at Verdi; follow the road for about five miles to Bridge Street.
  2. Turn right on Bridge Street and proceed up the hill. Cross the two
    narrow bridges that run over the river. As you pass over the second bridge
    you will see Dog Valley road on your right.
  3. Turn right and again proceed up the hill. About a mile up the road
    you will see the Forest Service signs indicating you are entering the forest.
    Once you enter the forest the road remains paved for a few hundred yards
    then turns to gravel.
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