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Our instructors are all highly skilled trackers with a great deal of experience in different terrain environments. Currently we offer Nevada P.O.S.T. certified courses in training. Please check our calendar for upcoming trainings to locate a course near you! If you would like to bring our training to your agency, please contact us with a request for information on how your agency can become a host for our training.

We also train law enforcement personnel in the detection and preservation of evidence. Advanced tactical training applied to the trailing and apprehension of suspects is only available to local agencies.

A Tracker’s Prayer

Lord, give me the strength upon this day
To cut the sign along the way.
Lord, give me the sight upon this time
To see the picture and cut the sign.
Lord, give me the knowledge upon this track
To find the lost and bring them back.

Poem by Wayne Runkles

The “Step by Step” method of tracking is promoted for SAR personnel
and our training is based upon Jack Kearney’s “Tracking: A Blueprint
for Learning How.”

Order your copy of “Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How”

  1. Dennis Rosenberg
    April 7th, 2015 at 23:15 | #1

    We’ve emailed before about a potential tracking class for CA Fish and Wildlife officers.
    Now people at Calif State University Channel Islands are trying to get 12 people in order to set up a 20 hour training with you.
    If I can get more info, I will see what kind of interest I can elicit at CDFW. I will pay for my own training if necessary.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again!

    Warden Dennis Rosenberg
    dennis.rosenberg [Email address: dennis.rosenberg #AT# wildlife.ca.gov - replace #AT# with @ ]

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