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Fernando Moreira – Lead Instructor

February 10th, 2009 Comments off

Fernando believes tracking is a specialized skill that needs to be included as a part of every law enforcement organization. It is a skill that requires little to no modern technology that can fail and cause complications on missions. It has been proven to be very valuable in my area operation and I am quite certain it would be just as valuable in yours. Where ever that may be.

Fernando Moreira is a long time member of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Hasty team and is a Nevada State P.O.S.T certified Investigative Tracker and Instructor. Tracking for more than 30 years. Moreira has tracked during combat in Africa and, in Law Enforcement setting, has successfully located missing persons and wanted suspects( including a 15 mile urban suburban track that identified and led to the capture of a cop- killer) and has tracked and worked with many Swat teams and crime scenes involving kidnappings, rapes and homicides. Moreira has been called in to track in many Municipal and County Departments.